Bottega Tomilaia

Everything from our own cultivation, everything real

Our flagship store, BOTTEGA TOMILAIA, offers you a large selection of exquisite products from our Tuscan homeland. Everything from our own cultivation, everything real, everything directly from the producer. Powerful wines from our wineries, which we manage sustainably with great passion and responsibility.
Strong olive oil with an exceptionally low acidity, harvested by hand and pressed with the utmost care. Exquisite honey, carried together by our fourteen colonies of bees between vineyards, olive groves and woods. Honest grappa and brandy from our best marc and wines. Carefully distilled and gently matured - and of course the wines and products of our friends, who stand for "Friends" in A CASA DI TOMILAIA & FRIENDS.

Friends of Tomilaia:
Winery Stefano Amerighi, Antica Caffetteria Sandro Vero, Bottoni Ilaria

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