Nothing is more enjoyable than
being invited to a good friends home.

And if they serve real tuscan cuisine with exceptionally good wines and olive oil from their own vineyards and olive trees, then you wonder why you don’t invite yourself more often to these friends.

“A Casa di Tomilaia & Friends” means to feel at home with Tomilaia and friends - to drink, to eat, but most of all to enjoy. Our cuisine and wines acompany your very special, as well as your everyday moments.

We accompany these moments discretely, with all our craftsmanship, with all our passion and of course, with the wines of our own vineyards or those of our friends. And if you like, you can take Tomilaia home with you. All wines, oils, grappa, brandy, coffee and honey are on offer for you in our Bottega Tomilaia.

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