Club Irmi

one table, one dish, one wine

Membership fee 9.—

Monday to Friday from 12 to 2.30 pm.
Enjoy our daily changing recommendation including a small glass of wine for 9.— €

Dienstag, 18.02.2020

Gratinierte Ofenkartoffel mit blattsalat

Gratinierte Ofenkartoffel mit blattsalat

A la Carte

tuscan bread salad with tomatoes, red onions, young leeks, celery and balsamic vinegar

Vitello Tonnato „VTT“14.50
medium roasted veal with tuna cream and capers

La Carbonara Vera13.50
with pancetta, egg, pepper and sage

Aglio Olio Peperoncino9.50
with garlic, olive oil and peperoncini

Spaghettoni Don Tommasino14
with tomatoes, onions, garlic, pepperoni and olives from our own production (spicy)

Linguine Mare Mare18.50
with octopus, mussels, shrimps, white wine and leek

Pici toscani al Ragù 15.50
tuscan pasta with root vegetable, beef and veal sugo


All meals include a soup or a salad as an appetizer.

Carne e Pesce

La Cotoletta Milanese26.50
breaded veal cutlet with arugula and tomatoes

Filetto di Manzo Grande 300 g 42 / Normale 200 g 31
grilled fillet steak

Coniglio in umido19
Braised rabbit leg with dried tomatoes and olives


Stellen Sie sich Ihre Beilagen zu den Hauptspeisen nach Lust und Laune zusammen. Im Preis sind bereits zwei enthalten.


mixed green salad with balsamic dressing

vegetable dish of zucchini, eggplant, tomato and basil

Spinaci alla Romana6
spinach with peperoncini, pine nuts, raisins and nutmeg

Polenta bramata4.50
stirred polenta

Purè grezzo4.50
mashed potatoes with olive oil and leeks

Patate al Forno4.50
potatoes with garlic and rosemary from the oven

Pomodoro e Cipolle5.50
Tomatoes and onions


Gelato del giorno5
Ice cream of the day


Panna Cotta5.50

Panna Cotta affogato al caffè6.50