Clan BockDemarchi


The future always begins in the present and has its roots in history. Our roots are Tuscany, the special terroir and microclimate, the culture and great tradition of this Italian wine landscape. Open-minded, with joy and courage, we dedicate ourselves to the further development of the great wines in Tuscany. Our passion, dedication and self-confidence are manifested in each of our wines. And so we work with respect for the past and with responsibility for the future.

Clan BockDemarchi in Toscana

and with this passion and dedication, we have been working on our latest project since 2008: all our knowledge and experience for a single, ancient Cannonau vine in Sardegna… and hopefully soon also in the flagship restaurant a Francoforte.

con anima, dal cuore
Patrone Tom Bock

Personal responsibility and the utmost care

It is a question of faith whether only wines that have been lovingly handcrafted have a soul. If you ask Tom Bock and his partner Hennef Prefi, they will answer with a clear YES. The philosophy of wine-growing in Tomilaia is characterised by personal responsibility and the utmost care - in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Every drop contains love, passion, craftsmanship and, of course, pride. We think you can taste this too.